torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

Anttola Comprehensive School

Anttola comprehensive school consists of grades 0-9 (including preschool).

In all there are approximately 180 pupils.

The staff consists of approximately 18 teachers and 5 school assistants.

Anttola comprehensive school is one of the first schools in Finland in which the classes from preschool to the 9th grade study in the same building and under the same administration.

The school emphasizes co-operation between pupils of different ages, as well as co-operation between teachers.

Theme days for the whole school, e.g. sport days, are organized regularly.

The school has participated in various school twinning projects, e.g. Comenius, and organizes regularly visits and return visits with a German school.

The school organizes various clubs and afternoon activities, e.g. floorball club and language club.

Principal : Susanna Savander:

Vice principal : Sirpa Rossi :